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Iswint 2007

In luna mai am scris un articol pe blogul festivalului international iswint. E de prisos sa spun ca lumea nu a fost deloc incantata deoarece, totul a parut a fi o intalnire misa si nu un festival cu traditie. Eu mi-am urmat "viziunea". Haideti sa vedem despre ce este vorba:

Here are some cool pictures from the last year festival:

Looks like the four russian girls fusioned quite well with the romanian landscape. When you think about russian people, some stereotypes may cloud your judgement: they abuse with alcohol and drugs; live by one day not being lost in thought about tomorrow’s; they are wild, crazy - an eye for an eye and things like that; russian men treat women very badly and for russian woman the preparation period before sex takes a lot of time. From my last year personal experience, some of these things are not so far from the truth - especially the drinking stuff, and the way they cling to life. But i agree that Russians can be very open for tight relationships, intelligent and not like those people who have an everlasting idiot smile on their face. I think the russian soul is very unique and not understandable to all other people in the world. I really want to know more about them, i hope that will happen at this festival.

A group picture from the field trip, that big iron guy from the background was build in the memory of the heroes from Paulis.

I remember the night when the kickass fireshow was done, although i was massively drunk my body was freezing. The Nations Party was quite cool, but unfortunaley i wasn't paying attention to the presentations (at this party every person or group had to do a short presentation about their country or city), i don't know what the hell i was doing!

See, we like group pictures and for one week, we are almoust like a cult led by charismatic megalomaniacs who put themselves and their churches against the rest of the world. We are apocalyptic visionaries, drunk with lust and power that have physical and sexual control over their followers. Just look at our faces, we are so fierce!

Some good looking girls watching "their" guys playing some ridiculous and poor footbal:

This is what i am talking about: most of the guys thought they are to hot to play the fuckin game. And why are they sitting on the grass, nobody is going to give them a massage or something like that! The dude with a ball in his hand and a casual attitude must be shooting a comercial for adidas.

Come on party people, shake it up! I like the victory sign from the guy in the back, it somehow fits the whole picture, the festival itself. Don't be afraid little girl, inside the hovel you won't find a mad giant chicken from hell. You are protected, i can see that you have a Charon passport in your hand.

Some people get it, some don't. Live the life of the rich and famous, join the ride, come to Iswint.

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