miercuri, 15 octombrie 2008

A story about a beggar

An actor in a play, the scene is set in the twenty-first century. A Nokia cell phone, and some fastfingers. The one who must deliver a message, the beggar, throws swampy breaths towards my back. The tram glides silently towards the center. I am fully alert.

I write, produce, and act in the entire production. This essay is just an extension of my consciosness, also a part in the production. The ramnifications are vast and can not be fully covered here. But i hope that from "one" i will get to the "many".

I feel the rage of the one, his inner projected towards the outer. He speaks:
"I will cut you, you filthy gypsy! Take care of your life, it doesn't last, the creator will hit you in the head. As i will also. I have no money, i have no house. I have drank and smoked a lot in my life. You put me in uncertainty? I will kill you in your own house. I am a legal beggar, you stupid dog! I will cut you and make salami! You came to us in Banat, be carefull, else i will beat you like New Year's Eve. Ha ha, go to Hell. I want to eat! I have no house, but i have a tram, the police can't catch me. I have nothing, but i drink! We shall see. You have big cojones woman, ehh? You are all shitting your pants. I want you to know that, ahhhh! Fools. I am not afraid of you!"
I smile into his eyes and see how he is pasionately drinking Timisoreana. The tram disapears into the unknown.

Some say beggars are just parasites. In order to eficiently investigate the meaning of this construction we have to create a center point from which we can start. Truth can be the center. Or more precisely a model of truth. But, before that, it is important to know that anything which is said about truth is false! It is not false, only when is directly experienced!
A rationalist might strongly affirm, that what i have said before is also not true! I will just have to smile and agree with him. But, even if i do that, i will still propose a model (to say the truth, this model was not discoverd by me, but that's another discusion). So, truth is a mental structure that has more energy than structures that have less energy, the so called illusions. I am deliberately excluding the thruth of feelings, sensations, etc. Don't ask my why, it is obvious.
A practical person, might say that all these type of discusions are going nowhere. That is not necessarily true, the wise knows how to corectly combine theoretical aspects with practical ones.
And who are these persons, asks the one who empathically resonates with the beggar? Silence is born.

Questions can be put, answers can be given. Answers generate more questions, exponential growth. Energy creates energy, nothing is static. Don't beg for answers, be relaxed. Only then, they will come to you.

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