vineri, 21 martie 2008

New world

Jeff Jordan:"Those old-time surrealists, the Greeks, are still the most interesting to me, and I have a lot of questions to ask: Would a 100-foot tall radioactive chicken be able to kick Cyclops’ ass? If these creatures really existed in our time, how would they survive? What would their lives be like, and what would our treatment of them tell us about ourselves?"

2 comentarii:

Alexandra Cota spunea...

one night without me and you're already writing crap again? :))'s not really crap, just not personal :D

mace spunea...

:)) Dupa cum am spus, rezervorul se mai si goleste. Eu sunt intr-o permanenta cautare de subiecte, deci orice ajutor este bine venit. In ultimul timp am baut destul de multa metafizica, uneori vreau doar sa "get evil", sa scriu tampenii sau chiar sa inserez un tablou.