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vineri, 1 februarie 2008

Insanely Amazing Guitar Solo

Being a huge fan of rock music, I surf the web a lot in order to find great music. These days, I saw this extraordinary song performed by Fernando Miyata, a brazilian quitarist, the winner of the Guitar World Readers Poll 2007 for Best YouTube Guitar Video.
I don’t know how to play at a guitar, but it is obvious that this guy has fantastic tapping skills. In a short period of time, I think he’ll be as good as some of my favourite guitarists: Buckethead, Jason Becker, Michael Angelo Batio, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert. He will surely bewitch us with more great songs.
Right now Fernando is devoting his time to refine his own guitar style. Also he is a guitar teacher and has taught more than 500 pupils.
Check out his site:

2 comentarii:

Anonim spunea...

I play guitar for more than 10 years as an amateur, and man...that is crazy.

mace spunea...

Hell yeah, this guy is badass.