joi, 26 iunie 2008

The dark side manual - part 1

Advanced Modeling Strategies

Form follows function. What function are you trying to do. Make up a “form” that accomplishes it. Here are some very effective ones.

Smurfing: Use on someone you want to make go away. Simply imagine them shrinking until they are very small, becoming so cold they turn blue
The squash: Make a picture of you and of them – one in each hand. Bring them together into one. Step inside.
Vapor Invasion: imagine you are a gas and you enter another person through their nose and mouth and fill them up. Once in, you expand to a solid state if you’d like. This works best if done slowly so as not to startle them.
The Claw: Send out a claw from you to the person you want to influence. Your claw can grab them in the stomach, behind the neck, sexually – where ever. Once your claw is into them, you can then send emotions directly into them from yourself. You can send colors, emotions – anything. You can use it to dominate or to get their attention – use your imagination.
The Cage: Shoot out a cage that imprisons the person. The second they are in the cage, you can do all kinds of things. You can shrink it down and make it cold to the point of freezing – blast loud obnoxious music into the cage. You could attach an electric cord to it and shock it, you could gas it, send emotions or colors at it.
The Missile: This is destructive in nature. Fill it full of whatever you want them to experience, then launch it. Perhaps it strings a wire with it as it goes allowing you to access them further once it hits.

By shifting your state, you’ll shift their state. What do you want them to experience? You first.
These techniques are very much controlled through your intention. Set your intention first before you use the technique.

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